Dune du PILAT – site de vol libre / flying place

This is a protected natural site.
The Dune du Pilat and the adjacent forest are home to a luxuriant flora and fauna (marram grass, migratory birds...) particularly sensitive to human disturbance and trampling.
Paragliding and handgliding are permitted only by respecting the environment and the law.

Authorized flying areas.
From the 15th June to the 15th September : This area starts 200 m south of the “Corniche” rescue station and ends 50 m north of the “Petit Nice” swimming area.
From the 15th June to the 15th September : The “Petit Nice” swimming area is strictly forbidden
The rest of the year: The northern limit for paragliding is the “Corniche” residential area.

Forbidden areas for flying (Take off, manoeuvre, flying, landing) : The Corniche residential and swimming areas (200 m south of the rescue station).

Take-off and landing areas
The “Gaillouneys” sector includes both the northern and the western slopes. The main access to these areas is by the beach or by the path accessible from “Petit Nice” car park.

You fly on your responsibility, whatever the conditions and equipment on this site. In the event of an accident, involving you or others, the responsibility of the owners or site manager of the Dune will not be engaged.

Whatever your flying level, please respect :
*Rules of the air (altitude limits, hours, restricted areas...)
*The access to the site, take-off, flying and landing areas
*The peace of holidaymakers on the dune Helmets must be worn at all times.
*You must hold an Aviation Liability Insurance policy.